Buying a home can be one of the most exciting experiences! It can also be one of the most terrifying if you don’t have someone helping you through the process with the answers you need. Or even worse is when you have the wrong person helping you.

Helping buyers find and purchase their new home is one of my favorite things to do! When buying a home, having the right people in your corner is what make the process enjoyable or a total nightmare. The two main people who help you are your agent and your loan officer.

The financing side of real estate is my passion. The main reason real estate deals fail is due to financing issues. I spend a lot of my time meeting with different loan officers with different companies to have many resources for my clients. I feel so passionately about this I have an entire page dedicated to the financing process. But for now let’s get back to the fun part, looking for a new home.

If you are looking for homes online let me set up a Client Portal for you. This will pull homes that meet your search criteria directly from the active listing in the Multiple Listing Service AND allow you to save homes and put notes in the system. You’ll never “lose” a home you liked again. This gives you one place to keep track of the homes you like and to keep you organized.